Laurels vs. Pelicans 2014

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Southern Region War Camp in the Barony of Carillion
Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back by popular demand, the Laurels and Pelicans will take to the field with boffer weapons and a sense of humor to raise money for the Pennsic War chest, which funds expenses such as the royalty dinner. This year is a combination of one-on-one bouts and melees. The peerage with the most points at the end of the competition gets bragging rights for the year.

The peers will go out defenseless without the help of their supporters. They only get weapons if they get donations. The weapons they use depend on the money they raise. Fundraising closes on Monday, June 23 so specialty weapons can get made. Weapon amounts are:

Dagger - $25 Sword - $50 Two Sword/Sword & Shield - $75
Specialty Weapon - $100

SPECIAL OFFER: Baroness Sabine de Kerbriant will play entrance music for a peer on her rauschpfeife for a $20 donation. Peers have either chosen theme music, are picking it now or offering donor's choice (you pay for it, you pick it). If Baroness Sabine can play it - modern or period - then it's an option.

Mistress Elizabeth Eleanore Lovell
The Bee Keeper
Weapon: Catherine Wheel buckler with bloody tips and a flail of bumble bees
Music: Donor's Choice! - PAID!

Mistress Mercedes de Calafia
La Matadora (The Bull Fighter)
Weapon: Seneschal's Key of Entirely Appropriate Conduct
Music: Bizet's Toreador Song - PAID!

Mesterno Tyzes "Zsof" Sofia
The Magyar Mangler of the Midrealm
Weapon: The Cameron
Music: TBD - PAID!

Mistress Alys Mackyntoich
Her Infernal Splendor, Mistress Alys Mackyntoich, Ogress Herald,
Demonon Queen of Fence, Word-wielder, Destroyer of Knees, Crusher of the
Hopes and Dreams of the Weak, Hammer of the Insipid
Weapon: Two Sword
Music: Theme from Jaws - PAID!

Mistress Aife ingen Chonchobair
The Battling Banfili
Weapon: Ogham covered Standing Stone
Music: O Fortuna - PAID!

Sir Tanaka Raiko
Dieter Langenstaffen
Weapon: The Giant Staff of Floppiness
Music: TBD - PAID!

Master Alaric MacConnal
Master of Ominous Music
Weapon: B-flat
Music: Pastime With Good Company - PAID!

Baronne Maîtresse Jehannine de Flandres
Keg Killer
Weapon: Beer bottle with keg shield
Music: Donor's Choice - PAID!

Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber
Weapon: Florentine Spoon

Kazumi no Tanaka aka Baroness Mistress Sofia Staritskiia Rhosia
Mrs. Tanaka
Weapon: Flying Octopus
Music: Under the Sea - PAID!

Master Grim the Skald
Grim the Scalding
Weapon: Giant Ladle
Music: TBD - PAID!

Duchess Kiena Stewart
Duchess of Discord
Weapon: Lance and Hobby Horse
Music: Imperial March from Star Wars - PAID!

Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh
Weapon: Frying Pan and Spatula

Mistress Katherine Barr
Music: Donor's Choice - PAID!

Sir Mord Hrutsson the Green
Weapon: Dewey the Decimator

Master Lawrence Thornguard
Weapon: Two Swords
Music: Theme from Black Adder - PAID!


Donations can be made via the PayPal button below or send checks to Lord Fergus Redmead (Michael Meyer, 151 Arnold Road, North Attleboro MA 02760). Click here if you have a question or want to pay by another method. (Paying for music? Type music with the fighter's name in the field.)

Which fighter are you helping get armed?

Donations are tallied and posted by hand so there will be a delay in them showing up on the website.

Looking for the Betting Man's Guide? If you wish to purchase a copy of the "Betting Man's Guide", donate $1 using the PayPal button below and a pdf will be sent to the email address you use to make the purchase.

Thanks to the Baron of Carolingia, Fergus MacRae, for sponsoring the melee.
This is a private fundraising effort. All money raised will be donated to the Pennsic War Chest

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