Laurels vs. Pelicans


Laurels vs. Pelicans was a fundraiser, entertainment and total silliness all rolled into one.  It started, as many of these things do, with a random comment at an SCA event - "I bet people would pay to see us beat each other with boffers".  It turned out that yes, people would. 

Proceeds were used to cover things such as the Royal Travel Fund and a Knowne World Party at Pennsic.  Donations determined what boffer weapon they would be able to take on the field - a dagger ($25), sword or ax ($50), two sword or sword & shield ($75) or a specialty weapon ($100).  Specialty weapons included foam brains, quill pens, clipboards, a flower and a scorpion.

The event was held at Northern Region War Practice, Panteria, and then Southern Region War Practice.  After three years, the response to the event slowed and the organizers retired the event.  The webpage has been left up for now so that other kingdoms considering holding their own Laurels vs. Pelicans can see how it worked.

To everyone who participated in or supported the silliness, thank you.

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